Saturday, July 20, 2013

TRT100 one year later

Today is the 2013 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 which marks one year since I last felt right running.  I've visited the doctor (results = normal), rested, stretched and waited...impatiently. In April, I began the new job and running twice a week.  At month's end, I realized it was too much too soon.  After rest, and moving to Discovery Bay, I began exercising once a week.

I would alternate cycling and running.  I jogged two miles and then last week cycled 20 miles scouting out some areas to run.  Yesterday I ran 4.6 miles in Brushy Peak Park outside of Livermore.  The following are some pics/vids.

Looking north towards Brushy Peak

Looking west

Looking west

Looking south towards Livermore

Looking east


It was hot, but mostly my legs were still tired and felt like they did 1 year ago.  It resulted in a hiking slog up the hill.  At one point, after walking a few minutes, I sat down and took my HR.  It was about 210.  Seems like it might be time to find a new doctor and start diagnosing again.  Until then, good luck to my friends in Tahoe racing 100 miles today; I will return.

Monday, April 22, 2013

#BostonStrong Lake Chabot Run

  Many people across the country participated in local fatass runs Monday night in support of the Boston Marathon runners whose lives were lost or forever changed by the despicable acts on Patriots day one week ago.  I was unable to participate with my gO Runners, so I ran a solo effort at Anthony Chabot Regional Park.  Here are some pictures:

Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot

Trail down to the water's edge

#gO Strong

12' tall


One of many little fishing docks

Same dock, looking east

Most of this section that I ran was paved




Standing on the dam

Trail above the dam

Mosquito viewpoint

Looking back on the marina


Monday, January 28, 2013

Night Run

Went out for a 4 mile night run on the old Sierra College cross country course with the gOPro.  It was my first run since a rough 3 miler I had a few weeks ago.  It seemed to go well and I haven't felt bad since so maybe I'm turning a corner.  Anyways, here's the video (not too bad for the dark):

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Health Update

The best thing I can say at this point is that I seem to be on the same path as Geoff Roes (without all the ultramarathon wins).  I was thinking the other day about my previous few days and how they're either good or bad days.  This reminded me of Geoff's quote from his Health Update on his blog:

"October has now come and gone, and still no running for me.  My health seems like it has continued to improve, but so slowly that at times I can't actually tell if I'm getting better, or if I'm just getting better at functioning at less than 100%.  The good days aren't so bad, but the bad days are still fairly regular, and are sometimes fairly difficult to deal with.  I've done my best through all of this to remain as upbeat, forward thinking, and positive as possible, but at times this has been quite hard to do."

Substitute December in for October for October and this is me right now.  In fact, the entire post resembles where I have been and currently stand (except my career doesn't depend on it so I will not go to the extremes that Geoff has to identify it).  Rather, I will rest and continue to strengthen my core and play the waiting game.  It does seem that I'm slowly getting better.  I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Running with Casa - Episode 1

  I'll keep this one short because it basically features a couple of videos.  This was my first run since Thanksgiving over a month ago.

  I've been resting and doing some strength training on my upper body, hamstrings and shins.  The run went well, other than the nasty weather which you'll see.  I also noticed that it seemed much easier to keep my heart rate down in an aerobic zone, but that was expected after 4 weeks off.  The catch will be to see how my recovery gOes this week.  Two days after the run, my quads feel tight and fatigued so not much has changed.  The next doctor visit is Thursday and I hope we'll know more then.  Anyway, if a pictures is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth $39.99 (I looked it up here).

If you watched the videos, you owe me $80.